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WAV Converter

Need a file converted to WAV? AudioFormat.com can do it for you, free, online, and lickity split. Our free services uses advanced servers to provide you the best possible experience possible. If you are going mp3 to wav, wmv to wav or some other format please use us. Bookmark us now by hitting CTRL + D (Ctrl and the letter D at same time), and come back whenever you need to convert to WAV format.

Converting to .WAV does not improve the quality of audio, just a note. If an audio file has been converted to a lossy audio format like mp3 then the sound degradation has already occurred and that extra data has been lost. Converting that file back to .wav does not reverse the damage. However.. the audio will not continue to degrade, and should sounds just like the original format as WAV is a lossless audio format. Confused? If you have an MP3 and convert it to WAV it will sound the same as the MP3, but no better. That is the short of it.

Why convert to .WAV

There are many applications that only accept .WAV files, and so your only choice is to provide them with that format.

Why Choose .WAV Format?

.WAV is a lossless audio format. This means that you will not comprimise quality.

When shouldn't WAV be used?

When space is an issue .WAV is not the solution, as it is a much larger file than a compressed lossy format like MP3.